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Kristi Streeter, PhD
Principal Investigator
Department of Physical Therapy

Background: I've always had a love and interest in science. It was during my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where I fell in love with scientific research. After receiving my B.S. in Biology, I joined Dr. Tracy Baker's lab for my doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I studied a novel form of respiratory plasticity: inactivity-induced motor facilitation. I then spent six years working as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. David Fuller at the University of Florida focused on respiratory neural control following spinal cord injury. As a Wisconsinite, I was thrilled to begin a faculty position in the Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University in 2019. I teach the Neuroanatomy content for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and run the Respiratory Neural Control Lab in the College of Health Sciences. Our lab is particularly interested in the role of phrenic afferents in the control of breathing. 

Outside of lab: In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband, two kiddos, and our dog. I enjoy traveling, have a love for sushi, creating my own recipes, and playing volleyball.

Taylor Holmes, DPT
Doctoral Student
Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program

Background:  I graduated from Carroll University with my DPT in 2015 and worked as an Acute Care Physical Therapist for 5+ years.  In my time as an Acute PT, I was lucky enough to work with a variety of clinical populations; however, my favorite practice area was within the Cardiopulmonary ICU.  With time and experience, I was blown away by the impact and progress that can be made (across nearly any patient population) with cardiopulmonary interventions.  I also really enjoyed working with students on clinical rotations and was lucky enough to serve as an adjunct faculty member at both Carroll University and Marquette University.  These interests (and some pushing from my wife/friends) led me to apply for admission into the doctoral program in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science.  My current work in the lab is focused on the effects of a prolonged diaphragm pacing intervention within a rodent model of spinal cord injury. 


Outside the lab:  You will most likely find me at home with my wife, 2 kids, and dog.  I enjoy nearly any outdoor activity (often made better by cold beer), watching any kind of sports (also better with beer), and traveling anywhere with mountains or large bodies of water.  I firmly believe that the best way to end the day is with a baked treat and a good book. 

Kaylyn Schwichtenberg
DPT Student
Physical Therapy Program

Background: I am a student at Marquette studying exercise physiology and in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I became interested in the physical therapy program at Marquette after working with a physical therapist for a dance injury. I started working in Dr. Streeter’s lab during my junior year internship, and I am continuing to help out with projects. Working in the lab has given me new experiences that have broadened my understanding of respiratory physiology and neurophysiology.


Outside of lab: In my free time, I enjoy dance, spending time with friends and family, and painting. 

Ava Schilsky
Undergraduate Student
Biomedical Sciences Major

Background: My name is Ava Schilsky, and I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Sciences in the Core Honors program. I started working in Dr. Streeter's lab during my freshman year providing support on the weekends. Working in the lab has been an amazing introduction to research, and I am excited to continue to learn more. 


Outside of the lab: I enjoy spending time outdoors while camping and hiking. I also enjoy being a member of clubs on campus like Alpha Xi Delta, oSTEM, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and art club. 


Tony Sabel 
Community Advocate


Background: I was prepared for a spinal cord injury before I ever knew it by choosing to go to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, playing intramural wheelchair basketball, and volunteering at the Center for Students with Disabilities. I acquired my spinal cord injury downhill snow inner tubing with two friends on January 22, 2007.  Surgery the next morning consisted of removing my 5th cervical vertebrae and fusing my spine from C3 to C7.  My medical team thought that I would never be able to have mobility by use of a manual wheelchair.  My inpatient recovery/rehab consisted of battling pneumonia twice, my lung collapsing, being on a ventilator, having a trach, having a feeding tube, and learning how to instruct others to do my ADL’s, and still managed to be discharged April 5th, 2007.  I returned to UW-Whitewater in Fall of 2007 and used a powerchair for mobility.  I participated in my first wheelchair rugby practice at Lakeshore Foundation during Spring break 2008.   I returned to school in Fall 2008 using only a manual wheelchair for mobility.  I graduated in Spring 2010 with a B.S. in Social Work and started Graduate School at George Williams College of Aurora University .  I graduated with my Masters in Social Work in Spring of 2012.  The next 10 years have been spent in multiple roles within the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Fond du Lac including, internship, Drop-in Center Coordinator, Program Coordinator, and Executive Director.


For Fun: In my athletic/spare time I enjoy participating in various 5k to Half marathon events/fundraisers and playing wheelchair rugby since 2009 and currently through WASA – Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association.  I also enjoy working with students to give them hands-on experience working with a SCI and have served on the WASA BOD since its inception in 2015.  A perfect day would be playing bag toss in my driveway, sun, suntan lotion, water/mixed drink, and the voice of Bob Uecker on the Brewers Radio network.

Amanda Morales
Undergraduate Student
Biochemistry Major

 Background: I am a junior student at Marquette pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  I joined the Streeter lab at the start during my junior year since research is something I have been interested in and wanted to learn more about it. Working in the lab has expanded my knowledge in the neurosciences and respiratory physiology.



Outside of the lab: In my down time, I like spending time with my friends, reading, cooking and exercising specially running.

Peyton Mitrick
Undergraduate Student
Physical Therapy Program

Background: I am a junior studying exercise physiology in the pre-professional phase of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. My interest in physical therapy stems from my personal experience working with physical therapists since age 6. I started working in Dr. Streeter’s lab during my junior year internship. Working in the lab has exposed me to another side of physical therapy, given me insight to what research entails, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge of respiratory physiology and neurophysiology. My current project focuses on sex differences in the expression of estrogen receptors in the spinal cord.


Outside the lab: In my free time, I enjoy co-hosting a podcast with my best friend, volunteering on campus, playing golf, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

Haozhi Huang
Masters Student
Exercise and Rehabilitation
Science Graduate Program
Rachel Moore
DPT Student 
Therapy Program

Background: I completed my undergraduate studies in Economics at Marquette University in 2022, and I am currently a student in Marquette’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Throughout my time in the DPT program, I have been weighing career path options that I could take post-grad. Last Spring, I became interested in learning more about research being conducted at Marquette related to physical therapy and how it informs clinical practice. Based on this interest, I had the opportunity to begin observation in Dr. Streeter’s Lab in June of 2023 as a way to be introduced to research. During this time, I was exposed to different aspects of research done within the lab, and I am excited to continue learning new skills, understand more about research, and help out with projects as part of the team this year.


Outside of lab: Almost any time outside of lab and class, you can find me playing Ultimate Frisbee as a part of the on campus club, Moxie, or with local Milwaukee teams. I also enjoy hiking, cooking (and eating) many different types of food, and spending time with my friends.

Felix Sanchez
Research Technician

Felix Sanchez 2022.jpg

Background: I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (Public Health Microbiology) in 2022. Shortly after graduation, I joined Dr. Ken Brockman’s Lab at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) as a research technologist I. My work at MCW focused on helping the lab investigate Achromobacter xylosoxidans (Ax) through infecting mice intratracheally, fixing their lungs for histology, and then using immunohistochemistry to identify macrophages and Ax in the airways of the infected lungs. My goal is to get accepted into a PhD program, so I joined Dr. Streeter's Lab to further gain research experience and improve techniques/skills that will help me get into graduate school. I am excited to learn more about respiratory physiology and neurophysiology. 

Outside of the lab: In my free time, I enjoy watching WWE, sports, and anime. I also enjoy playing competitive play in Overwatch 2.


Carley Hintz
Masters Student
Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program
Nicole Popp, BS
Research Technician
Carrie Schmitz
DPT Student
Physical Therapy Program
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